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Money Matter$, Inc. (MMI) provides multiple services to individuals groups, and organizations seeking financial training and expertise.

If you are planning a financial seminar for your group or organization and would like to have Money Matter$, Inc. at your event, please visit our Contact Us page and submit a message. 


MMI's Financial Literacy Programs are aimed at individuals and groups who wish to better understand financial matters to improve their quality of life. At MMI, we are educators/financial professionals who will help clients develop the understanding necessary to make solid, informed financial decisions that will serve themselves, their families and their communitiesl for the rest of their lives.


MMI’s Financial Coaching Services focus on community members —individuals, couples and families —and are delivered through personalized coaching.  After developing an understanding of a constituent’s goals and objectives,
MMI offers targeted financial management advice to help clients reach their goals. 


Since the financial arena is so vast and one entity cannot do all things well, at MMI, we understand the criticality of developing partnerships within the financial community.  To that end, MMI has developed partnerships with several top-quality financial professionals.  Our Financial Referral Service recommends them– Credit Repair Specialists, Attorneys, Bankers, Tax Professionals, Investment Advisors – to those needing assistance with specific situations.

Workshops & Web

Workshops & Webinars

  • Money Management Mistakes to Avoid

  • Money Management Mistakes Singles Make

  • How to Control Your Finances Before They Control You

  • Living Within Your Means Today So You Can Live Out Your Dreams Tomorrow

  • Managing Your Money: Budgeting / Credit / Retirement & Estate Planning

  • Pre-Retirement Planning

  • What To Do When the Paycheck Stops

  • Principles of Budgeting: Keeping Your Money Straight

  • Understanding the Banking System

  • Principles of Credit: Using Other People’s Money

  • Estate Planning:  A Layman’s View of Planning for When the Will Matures

  • Principles of Insurance: Protecting What You Have

  • Understanding Your Own Financial Value System

  • Banking: Looking Out for the Nickles and Dimes

  • Credit: Using Other People’s Money 

  • Real Estate: Keeping a Roof Over Your Head

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