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Our Mission

Empower Through Financial Education

We have the know-how you need!

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Founded in 2010, Money Matter$, Inc. is the successor 501C(3) non-profit organization that recently merged with Rising Sun Cultural and Educational Programs. Our primary mission is to equip community members with the knowledge needed to make excellent wealth management choices and decisions for themselves, their families, and their communities.  


Today, the combined impact of the pandemic and limited financial education has made it critical that all of us access and use tools and strategies to manage our money.  At Money Matter$, Inc., we pride ourselves on presenting essential financial lessons, classes, and webinars in an interactive, fun-filled manner.  I can assure you that if you resolve to take control of your financial life and practice reality-based finances, you will indeed experience SUCCESS.  So, I invite you to begin your journey to financial freedom with the Money Matter$ team by learning how to develop and practice good money habits.  

About the Founder

Patricia A. Davis is the Executive Director of Money Matter$, Inc., and Managing Director of Davis Financial Services in Mitchellville, MD., both of which focus on financial and wealth literacy.  Ms. Davis is a seasoned former corporate finance executive who has held high-level positions with several Fortune 500 corporations.  She is a personal finance expert, speaker, and author who teaches and advises individuals and couples nationwide about the laws and realities of financial literacy and how to make the system work for you.  

Ms. Davis is the author of three financial primers. In her latest book, the Amazon Top 100 - Going Broke is No Joke! 52 Money Tips Everybody Should Know - Ms. Davis offers many tips for those who want to take control of their financial lives and learn to play the money game to win. In the book, she offers creative ideas on alternative ways to generate income safely, which has been especially useful during the pandemic.

Ms. Davis is an honors graduate of Howard University (B.S. in Mathematics and Statistics), Stanford University (MBA in Finance, Top 1%), Golden Gate University (MS in Personal Financial Planning, Top Student Award), and Georgetown University’s Graduate School of Banking and Finance (with distinction).  A few years ago, Ms. Davis received Golden Gate University’s Alumni Community Service Award for her work in teaching financial education to underserved populations.  Financial education for all is her passion!

Patricia Davis, MBA, MS
Executive Director of Money Matter$, Inc.
Manging Director of Davis Financial Services

Our Core Values

We practice what we preach






More About Us

Money Matter$, Inc (MMI) is a minority-owned, 501C(3) firm headquartered in Prince Georges County, Maryland, and has been actively providing its financial training, financial counseling, and financial advisory services since mid-2013.  These services include:

  • Financial Literacy Programs aimed at individuals and groups who wish to better understand financial matters to improve the quality of their lives;

  • Financial Advisory Services that focus on individuals (and couples) and are delivered principally through one-on-one counseling;

  • Financial Referral Services that recommend top-quality financial professionals — accountants, attorneys, bankers, tax professionals, and investment advisors — to those needing assistance with specific situations; and

  • Camp Millionaire, a fun-filled, interactive, innovative program for kids, teens, and adults that focuses on helping each group develop the skills needed to choose and create financial freedom.

MMI's basic philosophy is that everyone needs enhanced financial management education to develop the tools needed for financial independence and sound financial decision-making.  Further, MMI emphasizes that financial education can help equip citizens to acquire the foundational knowledge needed to carefully choose among the vast array of financial products and services available in today's marketplace.

Financial literacy is a topic Ms. Davis has cared about, studied-- both formally and informally, and lectured on since early in her financial management career.  She is particularly concerned about under-served populations — students, military families, jobless citizens, women, teenage parents, teens aging out of foster care, seniors, and the welfare-to-work population.  Her goal is to help prevent these groups, who represent some of our most vulnerable consumers, from making decisions that result in financially devastating consequences that may take years to recover from, if ever.

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