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Money Secrets for the Sandwich Generation (Squeezed in the Financial Middle)


This comprehensive, compassionate book is written to help guide those simultaneously caring for aging parents/grandparents and adult/minor children. Many feel “squeezed in the financial middle” as the two sides tug at both their heart strings and their purse strings. It provides a wealth of financial care-giving information and lays out steps you can take to help ease any bewilderment, guilt and sense of helplessness you may have.


The book defines the sandwich generation and provides perspective on how it came to be, along with an outlook for the future. It has in-depth chapters on taking care of yourself first, as well as how to care for the other two sides of the “sandwich.” Retirement secrets; hints on long-term care giving; common money scams and how to avoid them; dealing with adult offspring living in your home; reverse mortgages; and secrets ways to improve one’s finances all are covered in great detail along with pages of useful resources and references.


The book is instructive and offers sound recommendations, and witty advice at the beginning of each chapter from Ms. Davis and her delightful, no-nonsense Mother, Mimi, first introduced in Davis’ book, Mimi, Money and Me ― 101 Realities About Money Daddy Never Taught Me but Mama Always Knew. Those who have previewed the book say Money Secrets for the Sandwich Generation is a must read. It lays out, with clarity, and un-complicates many of the issues the sandwich generation faces and provides real life examples of challenges and solutions that work.

Money Secrets for the Sandwich Generation (Squeezed in the Financial Middle)

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